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Sword in the Stone 1963 drawing by Woolie, Signed by Frank and Ollie DISNEY 2*

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1963 The Sword in the Stone by Walt Disney Original production drawing involving
Pike drawing by "Woolie Wolfgang Reitherman", SIGNED BY FRANK THOMAS and OLLIE JOHNSTON

Walt Disney's Sword in the Stone was Disney's 18th animated feature, based on the T.H. White masterpiece (The Once and Future King). It was the last film released before Disney's death.

This is a wonderful setup. It starts with a 16-field animation drawing of the scary Pike (with color highlights!). The Pike was done by "Woolie" Wolfgang Reitherman. A drawing of Wart as the fish has been cut and pasted down onto this drawing. Finally two of the Nine Old Men have signed it: Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. We've included a screen capture of the scene.

It is also matted and ready to frame (mat measures approximately just over 20" x 17"). Wart has a tiny rip in him so that a tiny piece of paper sticks up, but no doubt it could be held down easily with some acid-free adhesive. Also the entire page is slightly yellowed. But still - what a masterpiece!

Actually used in the making of the cartoon and great for collectors or to hang on your wall as nostalgic decoration! For more information about collecting animation art, please visit our website at


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