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Samurai Jack Original Production Background 2002 CSG Collection 2*

  • $ 74999

SAMURAI JACK (original series) Hand-Painted Production Background from "Jack's Sandals" 2002

Charles Scott Gallery Special Collection*

With Cartoon Network COA!

Owning a gallery and being a collector presents a particular problem: you have first pick of all the art that comes though the door. Inevitably you set aside some of the "best" art for yourself. This is not great for business, of course. So I (Charles here) have decided to put up some of the art from my personal collection for sale. These items will be listed at the "I don't want to sell it" price (thanks to American Pickers) under the "Charles Scott Gallery Special Collection*" heading. Prices are high, and you may not agree that these are "the best," as I have particular tastes, but never-the-less, should someone else want these enough, they are here for the taking!

Samurai Jack has always been one of my personal favorites. And the background art, in particular, caught my eye from minute one. Bill Wray, Dan Krall and Scott Wills created artwork that stands alone even without being backdrops for this eye-catching show. The cities in Aku's future are instantly recognizable and unique and this background is a very special one, in that it was used a number times in the episode, "Jack's Sandals" from 2002. We've included screencaps of 2 times we noticed it being used in the episode. It will come with the Cartoon Network COA.

The overall piece measures approximately 13 3/4" wide by 10 3/4" high. The painted area of the paper is about 12 5/8" wide by 9 3/4" high.

Over the past few months fans have cleaned us out - we have literally only a handful of pieces left from Samurai Jack, so here, for a short while, is one piece from my personal collection.

A link to a demo of them making a background for Samurai Jack (one of 3 on You Tube):

The link to the trailer for upcoming season 5:


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