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Chuck Jones Le Pursuit 1994 Warner Bros Limited Edition Cel of 750 Pepe le Pew

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CHUCK JONES 1994, Hand-Painted, Limited Edition "Le Pursuit" (actually 2 pieces of art!) SIGNED BY CHUCK JONES from Warner Brothers/Linda Jones Enterprises

Complete with a Linda Jones Enterprises COA

Chuck Jones was a legend. His impact on animation is incalculable. Whether you're a fan of the Looney Tunes or The Grinch or one of his other films (Rikki Tikki Tavi is one of our favorites), this wonderful limited edition cel is a perfect way to honor him in your collection.

ESPECIALLY if you are a Pepe Le Pew fan! This limited edition was done in 1994 and features TWO cels - one of Pepe and one of his love, Penelope. Both have gorgeous print backgrounds. The Pepe cel has been signed by Chuck Jones and the Penelope cel has the Linda Jones seal. It of course comes with the Linda Jones COA which has all the wonderful information about this limited edition on the back (note that this was printed in 1994 so it still lists Chuck as alive). They are 12-field cels, so they measure 10.5" x 12.5".


Looney Tunes characters, names and all related indicia are TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. 2017 © Warner Bros. 2017

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