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Bill Melendez Cathy Hand-painted Animation Background Key Spille Guisewite

  • $ 2999

Hand-Painted/Drawn Original Production Background key of Island Phone from CATHY (Cathy's Last Resort)

Melendez/Mendelson production SIGNED BY DEAN SPILLE with CSG COA

This is a real rarity! We got our hands on a few background keys from the Cathy animated TV specials: Cathy, Cathy's Last Resort and Cathy's Valentine (cartoon by Cathy Guisewite). These were done in 1987, 1988 and 1989 and the first one even won an emmy! They were done by Bill Melendez and Lee Mendelson who of course did all the Peanuts specials.

This is a hand-painted/drawn (watercolors and pen) as concept keys for the specials. They were sold to us as being done for the 1987 Cathy special but we didn't see this in the first special so we're guessing this is from the 2nd, Cathy's Last Resort. In this case the background in the final show likely looks very similar but not exact as would be expected from a background concept key. Measures approximately 4" x 5". We'll include a Charles Scott Gallery COA.

Best part: THEY'VE BEEN SIGNED ON THE BACK BY DEAN SPILLE, who did most of the Peanuts specials and was Production Designer on all 3 Cathy specials (see IMDB).


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