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Berenstain Bear Papa animation cel 1983 NBC Berenstain Bears Play Ball

  • $ 4999

PAPA BEAR! An original production animation cel From the BERENSTAIN BEARS Animated Special on NBC: 1983 "Berenstain Bears Play Ball

Matted and ready to frame with COA! on an original production background from another television show

It's Papa bear! A nice large image of him ready to frame - just buy an 11"x14" picture frame and he's ready to hang in your home gallery.

If you didn't have the accompanying COA, the great part about researching this cel is that it appears his HAT is the key to identifying which series this cel is from. If you look at the Animated Specials, the 80's TV show and the 2003 TV show, the characters are all drawn slightly differently - but the big giveaway is the color of the ribbon around Papa's hat. The yellow/tan you see in the cel above is only in the early Animated Specials. So this cel is a real find!

We've paired it with a hand-painted original production background from an unknown anime show. Perhaps an odd mix on the face of it - but when you look at the two, you can see why we paired them together. It's a perfect fit.

Actually used in the making of the show and great for collectors or to hang on your wall as nostalgic decoration! For more information about collecting animation art, please visit our website at


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